The Quarantine Tapes

The Quarantine Tapes 187: Nilanjana Bhowmick

Episode Summary

“The grief that we’re experiencing in India is as profound as it is stunning. We’re mourning the loss of our democracy--at least, some of us...and then suddenly the pandemic scattered us on islands of grief.”

Episode Notes

Guest host Naveen Kishore is joined by journalist Nilanjana Bhowmick on episode 187 of The Quarantine Tapes. Nilanjana wrote a recent Time cover story on the women leading the farmers’ protests in India. She talks with Naveen about the hope she has seen in those protests and what it means to have women at the front of that movement.

Nilanjana and Naveen discuss what is unique about these protests compared to what has come before and Nilanjana offers her sharp analysis of how they fit into the current social and political scene in India. Then, Nilanjana tells him about the women who have inspired her own work as a feminist and as a writer and previews her upcoming book.


Nilanjana Bhowmick is a New Delhi-based award winning freelance journalist and writer with a passion for telling stories about social justice, environment and gender. Her works have appeared in radio and print in publications like TIME, the Washington Post, National Geographic, BBC, RadioLab, Voice of America, Al Jazeera, etc etc. She's a columnist for the New Internationalist magazine.

Naveen Kishore is the founder and managing director of Seagull Books - a publishing house located in Calcutta, India, which began primarily as a response to the growing need for an Indian publishing house focused on theatre and other arts. Seagull Books has translated just about more foreign literature than any other major publishing house in the world. He was the recipient of the Goethe Medal and the Chevalier Ordre des Arts et des Lettres. Kishore lives and works in Calcutta.