The Quarantine Tapes

The Quarantine Tapes 019: Tracy Rosenthal

Episode Summary

LA Tenants Union co-founder Tracy Rosenthal speaks with Paul about the work they do to fight for housing justice and against the forces of gentrification as well as displacement.

Episode Notes

There is a housing crisis in Los Angeles, one that existed way before COVID-19 and there exist people like Tracy who are fighting to reframe the protagonist of this crisis - not the banks but the people paying for the right to have a home. 

“We Don’t Have A Housing Crisis. We have a Tenants Rights Crisis” coins Tracy in her essay in Commune Magazine July Issue 2019.

The LA Tenants Union was co-founded by Tracy 5 years ago and was formed by a group of tenants that work to expand tenants rights. They work on a completely voluntary basis and are funded by membership dues. They are a horizontal organization that organizes tenants associations, which are organized through 12 chapters throughout LA and as well as taking on the form of a union at city level. They see themselves as a movement not as a organization - building an infrastructure for tenants so they know they are not alone and together they have the power to speak up. 

If you would like to find out more or offer your help to LA Tenants Union,  please get in contact with LA Tenants Union via their website or social media.


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